The Cosmetic Republic Root Concealer

15.12 INC VAT

Covers roots, gray hairs and extend your highlights in a blink of on eye!

Designed to blend perfectly with the roots while absorbing oil for a clean hair feeling, it is a great way to cover gray hairs in-between colouring. It also brightens highlights and dyed hairs.

Its formula based on natural mineral pigments and clay, provides a more natural effect. It is resistant to rain and sweat. It does stain. Fast and easy to apply.

More uses, silky finish and environmentally friendly!

How To Use;

  1. Peel off the mirror protector.
  2. Remove the sponge from the bottom.
  3. Place product on the sponge.
  4. Apply product on the areas to cover.

Blond, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Auburn Brown


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