Make Up Factory Metallic Eyeliner

12.00 INC VAT

Eye liner with metallic shimmer pigments in a swivel tube.

The creamy eye liner with metallic shimmering particles can be advanced and retracted by turning. The Metallic Eyeliner has a light texture, intense color, and a long wear time. The top quality eyeliner may also be used very close to the eyes. The integrated sharpener keeps the point sharp; the included applicator makes it easy to apply, blend, and shade the color. The eyeliner is water proof. Apply it for an eye make up that cannot be overlooked. Free from preservatives.

Beauty note:
The eyeliner looks particularly sophisticated if applied in a targeted way, e. g. predominantly to the highest point of the upper lid.


No. 08 Lilac Charm, No. 16 Metallic Bamboo, No. 18 Smooth Blue, No. 19 Metallic Petrol, No. 32 Golden Highlight, No. 40 Gold Century, No. 63 Metallic Aubergine


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