Make Up Factory – Metal Shine Eyeshadow

16.20 INC VAT

Eye shadow with metallic effect

Metal Shine Eye Shadow has a high percentage of pearl pigments and gives your eye an intense, metallic foil gloss. The velvety soft texture melts softly with the skin without loosing radiance. The eye shadow can be added individually as well as with other eye shadow textures.

Beauty note:
For special luminosity: First, apply the Sensitive Eye Shadow Base or the Eye Lift Corrector to your eyelid. The Base prolongs the durability of the eye shadow and prevents the eye shadow from settling in your eyelid crease.


No. 09 Pearl Seashell, No. 15 Radiant Mauve, No. 21 Burnt Bronze, No. 28 Heat, No. 32 Desert Pearl, No. 37 Reflecting Granite


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