Make Up Factory Magnetic Lips

19.40 INC VAT

A long lasting semi-mat lipstick with an innovative magnetic locking mechanism.

The Magnetic Lips cover the lips with intense, long-lasting colour, which clings to the lips like a magnet. Thanks to the natural waxes, the texture is exceptionally smooth. Your lips will stay moist without a heavy feeling.

Paraben Free. Dermatologically approved.



No. 298 Reddish Mood, No. 324 Endless Orange, No. 335 Bright Coral, No. 339 Scarlet Pink, No 343 Pink Fuchsia, No. 355 Bright Red, No. 369 Pure Red, No. 377 Pink Carmine, No. 386 Sheer Carmine, No. 400 Crimson Red, No. 420 Dark Aubergine, No. 480 Greyish Brown, No. 500 Timeless Black


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