Inebrya Liss One

15.50 INC VAT

The must have product to smooth hair. It guarantees the 15 benefits every woman wants, in one smoothing spray only.

The product is especially suitable for colored, bleached and chemically treated hair.


A perfect smoothing effect: for a result that lasts up to 4 days (or until the next shampoo).

A Progressive smoothing effect: the more you use it, the longer the smoothing effect lasts.

It eliminates frizz instantly that has a fast smoothing effect which tames the hair and reduces volume.

It leaves hair shiny and glossy with a silky smoothing effect that leaves hair healthy and full of life.

It conditions and hydrates without weighing down as well as regenerates, restructures and strengthens the hair.

It reduces the exposures of heat and stress to hair and defends hairstyle from the effects of humidity.

It protects the hair from smog and oxidation and fights static electricity in the hair.


Spray on towel-dried hair and blow dry with brush.

With straighteners: spray lock by lock on dry hair before using the straighteners.


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