Inebrya DRY-T Liquid Crystals Serum

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Dry-T is the complete line of Ice Cream treatments for hair hydration. It restores shine, compactness, vitality and beauty to hair that is dry and frizzy, that has undergone light chemical treatments or has been subjected to the heat of styling tools. Ideal for hair that is dry, very dry, frizzy, difficult to comb, prone to split ends, and subjected to light chemical treatments or to the frequent use of hot styling tools that cause dryness and loss of shine.

Fluid star are restructuring liquid crystals ideal for dry and colored hair. A treatment that nourishes and moisturizes the hair, leaving it shiny and easy to comb. Its coating and sealing effect makes it particularly suitable for preventing and fixing split ends.

Formula is vegan and free from sulphates, SLES and SLS.

Apply to dry hair to eliminate split ends
On damp hair to prevent them


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