ICON India Dry Oil

28.95 INC VAT

Ideal for all hair types. Designed for fine to medium textured hair.

A blend of oils and UV inhibitors allow this micro mist of nutrients to double protect from environmental damage, while instantly absorbing into the hair; leaving it nourished and feather-light.

This fine oil mist is full of micro-nutrients to provide a double protection against external aggressions at the same time that it is absorbed on the hair to leave it nourished but light.

Its benefits include:

· Its thermal protection power

· Its ability to effectively block UV rays preventing dryness, breakage and color fading

· Its light feeling that leaves no residue or greasy feeling

· Its manageability and styling aid

· Its contribution of natural shine to hair

· Its light anti-frizz fixation for baby hair (new hairs)

In addition, it has the nutritional power of argan oil, accompanied by the healing power of moringa and the aroma of amber that envelop in a magical Hair-Yurvedic sensation.

How to Use:
Use on wet or dry hair.


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