Devil's Water Barberstation

19.50 INC VAT

Aftershave / Tonic Lotion

Devil’s Water is an aftershave / tonic. Can be used as an aftershave and as a hair tonic due to its nice fresh scent. Devil’s Water disinfects the skin after shaving and closes the pores, so that irritations and inflammation are prevented. The skin will feel calm, cool and cared for after use. Can be used as a hair tonic for restyling the hair and a pleasant fresh scent.


Use after shaving: Take a few drops of Devil’s Water in your palms, rub it between your hands and apply evenly on your face and neck.

Use as a hair tonic: Take a little bit of Devil’s Water in your hands and apply it in your hair. Then gently massage into the scalp and through your hair.


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