CHI Silk Infusion Serum

18.76 INC VAT


CHI Silk Infusion 177 ml is the ultimate hair product that creates silky hair. Your hair is easy to comb and will feel strengthened by the added silk, wheat and soy proteins. The CHI Silk Infusion gives the hair a natural shine and will look healthy. CHI Silk Infusion strengthens the hair from within the hair shaft and is suitable for all hair types.

CHI Silk Infusion serves as protection for different types of weather and heat devices, so your hair is protected from many influences. CHI tools are perfect for use in combination with the CHI Silk Infusion.

How To:

  • Spread a small amount of CHI Silk Infusion by the hair (wet or dry).
  • Focus especially on the tips of the hair that need extra protection.
  • CHI Silk Infusion do not rinse!


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